Strauss-Kahn Linked to French Prostitution Ring

Only days after a rape complaint was dismissed, the former IMF chief's lawyer denies the report

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Only days after Dominque Strauss-Kahn's rape complaint filed by writer Tristane Banon was dismissed, the former International Monetary Fund chief now finds himself linked by a report to a hotel prostitution ring in France. And a French policeman is alleged to have served as his "personal pimp," as the New York Post relays from French newspaper Journal du Dimanche:

The new allegations came to light during an investigation into a ring of prostitutes that included underage teens -- although there was no suggestion that the former head of the International Monetary Fund had sex with girls under the legal age of 18.


Sources told the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche that the 62-year-old DSK is among a group of politicians, lawyers and business leaders whose names were found in the ring’s "black book" of clients. The French cop, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, also allegedly escorted ladies of the evening all the way from the French city of Lille, where the ring was headquartered, to New York for DSK.

According to the Associated Press, DSK's lawyer, Frederique Beaulieu, "says the former IMF chief wants to be questioned by police so that he can debunk claims he was linked to a suspected hotel prostitution ring." The AP also notes that Strauss-Kahn "has not yet been contacted by police."
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