Satisfied with Publicity, DSK's French Rape Accuser Won't Sue

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Tristane Banon wanted to prove she wasn't a liar and that Dominique Strauss Khan is a sexual offender, and that's why she isn't pursuing a civil suit against the former IMF chief. She says she could have, and very well threatened to when French prosecutors dropped the rape probe against the former IMF chief last week. But time, or rather a time-limit, worked against the French writer. "Last week, prosecutors said they could not bring a case against him, given a three-year statute of limitations for sexual assault, but they said there was evidence that he had sexually assaulted Ms. Banon," reported the New York Times's Maia de la Baume. The incident occurred eight years ago. Banon may have dropped her case yesterday, but gave some advice for DSK and his marred reputation. "Police recognized that he assaulted me but cannot charge him," she told Canal Plus TV in Paris noted the NY Post. "This means he is officially a sex attacker, and officially I am not a liar ... I advise him above all to keep a low profile."


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