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As the Libyan government scrambles to figure out how to bury their dead dictator, curious onlookers with cameras  are flocking to the meat store where his body is being kept. The Guardian reports:

Bloodied, wearing just a pair of khaki trousers, and dumped on a cheap mattress, Muammar Gaddafi's body has become a gruesome tourist attraction and a macabre symbol of the new Libya's problems.

Hundreds of ordinary Libyans queued up outside a refrigerated meat store in Misrata, where the dead dictator was being stored as a trophy. A guard allowed small groups into the room to celebrate next to Gaddafi's body. They posed for photos, flashing victory signs, and burst into jubilant cries of "God is great."

Closer inspection of the body shows a "close-range bullet wound on the left side of his head," suggesting that he was not killed in crossfire as the Libyan government has said multiple times but rather executed.

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