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The autopsy confirms some assumptions, but officials won't say whether he was killed in a cross-fire, or at point-blank range.

Coroners completed an overnight autopsy of Muammar Qaddafi, and determined that he was killed by a gunshot. But the question that could determine whether his death is investigated as a war crime has not been answered. Was he simply shot in the head by his captors, as many assume? For now, no answers. CNN reports that the bodies of Qaddafi, his son Mutassim, and former defense minister Abu Baker Yunis will be returned to their temporary lodgings: a walk-in refrigerator.

The three bodies would likely return to a cold storage unit at a Misrata meat market for public viewing, Zentani said.

All weekend long, long lines have people turned up to view the corpses.

U.S. officials are now solidly behind the calls for an investigation into Qaddafi's killing. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton endorsed an inquiry in televised appearances on Sunday, just days after President Barack Obama hailed Qaddafi's fall from power, without mentioning its brutal, hectic ending. Here's Clinton, from CNN's State of the Union:

"As Libyans move into the future once again, they need to do so with a sense of unity and reconciliation. They need to hold each other accountable. Those who do not have blood on their hands must be made to feel safe and included, regardless of whether or not they supported Gadhafi in the past," she said. "So we believe in the rule of law, and accountability, and such an investigation would contribute to that."

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