London Moves to Clear Protesters from St. Paul's Cathedral

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As St. Paul's Cathedral prepares to reopen its doors, London is ready to take legal action to clear the property of protesters, reports BBC News. City of London Corporation official Stuart Fraser told BBC 4 that legal action is the last resort after requests to keep "the highway" outside the cathedral open. "The Church has asked them to go, the archbishop has asked them to go, everybody has asked them to go and they are not going, so I am not sure what more we can do to ask them to move," he said. In a statement relayed by the Associated Press, the cathedral's governing body said it "takes this step with the greatest reluctance and remains committed to a peaceful solution." The tents, an estimated 200 of them, caused the closure of the cathedral for the first time since World War II last week. Since the protesters aren't budging as of now, The Daily Telegraph wrote that legal action to clear them could be a drawn out battle that will cost "tens of thousands of pounds and could take months to complete."

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