Libyans Aren't Sure How to Go About Burying Qaddafi

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Libyan leaders aren't quite sure how to go about the most immediate decision facing them after their dictator's death: how to go about burying him. The New York Times reports there are "frictions and confusion over where and when to bury the former strongman," especially after the United Nations called for an inquiry into the messy events surrounding his death, which we've detailed here. The Transitional National Council said originally they'd bury Qaddafi's body today though they weren't sure where. But the Times's Kareem Fahim and Rick Gladstone write:

Ali Tarhouni, the minister who officially confirmed the death of Colonel Qaddafi to the council, said the burial would be delayed pending an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death and a decision about the burial site. Officials did not give specifics about the timing or possible location.

Islamic law "generally requires a burial within 24 hours," the Times reporters note. The Wall Street Journal adds that "Gadhafi's body had been on display until about 3 a.m. Friday in Misrata, in the driveway of a revolutionary commander named Nouri Sawan" and that there is still confusion about who in the interim government is even charged with arranging the burial. So it is sounding like a Friday burial probably didn't or won't happen. All of this seems to contrast quite sharply with the decisive action U.S. military officials took in disposing of Osama bin Laden's body by sea, citing a strict adherence to the 24-hour stipulation in Islamic tradition. 

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