Kurdish Militant Attacks in Turkey Leaves Dozens Dead

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Dozens of police and military personel in Turkey have been killed in overnight attacks thought to have been carried out by Iraq-based Kurdish separatists--and Turkey's response has been swift, both verbally and physically. Although news outlets right now can't seem to agree on the number of causalities at the moment--The New York Times is reporting at least 24 are dead with 18 others injured while Al Jazeera says at least 26 have died--Turkey's president, Abdullah Gul, decided not to mince words, telling reporters: "No one should forget that those who make us suffer this pain will be made to suffer even stronger ... They will see that the vengeance for these attacks will be immense." The nation's military response followed suit: troops are moving to pursue those who carried out the attacks, which occurred in various locations in the southeaster part of the country near the Iraqi border, with both air and ground units deployed. 

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