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A video of a Libyan fighter, calling himself Senad el Sadık el Ureybi, has surfaced in which he claims to be the man who killed Muammar Qaddafi, Y Net News reports. The Libyan narrates his version of how the killing went down: "We grabbed him. I hit him in the face. The fighters wanted to take him away. And that's when I shot him twice--in the head and in the chest." We're not sure where the video first appeared --  here's a version with Turkish captions that was posted on YouTube on Saturday -- but it was picked up for broadcast by RT, an English-language news network in Russia. "He noted that Gaddafi didn't die instantaneously, and that it took half an hour. He said he didn't like the idea of Gaddadi being caught alive," according to Y Net News's summary of the video. However, there's no confirmation yet on whether Ureybi really is Qaddafi's killer--so, as Gawker notes, "this video might just be nothing more than the start of a new, gruesome fake-confession meme."

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