WikiLeaks Selling Prison Coffee, Used Computers for Fundraising

The secret-sharing organization's latest fundraising tool is a hodgepodge of an online auction

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Wikileaks' latest fundraising effort went live on Friday, the first of four online auctions it plans to boost its shrinking bottom line as credit card companies continue to block donations to the secret-sharing organization. The items for sale represent a hodgepodge of things made precious by their close association with WikiLeaks (such as coffee smuggled out of prison by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the computer used to prepare the massive CableGate dump that revealed thousands of diplomatic cables last year), to items valuable on their own (including tickets to a Vivienne Westwood fashion show or a meal prepared by celebrity chef and Assange friend Sarah Saunders). With a buy-it-now price of ₤350,000 ($552,405), the computer tops the price list by far. The only item that had been bid on at the time of this writing was the coffee, which is the cheapest listed at ₤200 ($315).

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