U.S.: Qaddafi's Son Won't Just Be Hanging Out in Niger

But Niger's officials aren't exactly hunting him down, either

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Earlier today we reported that Qaddafi's third son al-Saadi had fled to Niger and the country would fulfill its "humanitarian obligations," which had rebels peeved. "These people should not be allowed to get away with the crimes they have committed,"  Jalal al-Gallal, a spokesman for the rebels’ Transitional National Council, said. But it turns out that Niger authorities aren't guaranteeing al-Saadi's assylum, or at least so says the U.S., reports Reuters "We have confirmed with the government of Niger that Saadi crossed over (and) that they are either in the process or have already brought him to the capital of Naimey and intend to detain him," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. While the U.S. assures the Qaddafi clan won't get off sans punishment, the latest Reuters report suggests Niger might not act so hastily. "Nothing has changed in the government's position. There is no international search for him. Like the others he is just under surveillance," a government spokesman said.

Other family members have made it out. Qaddafi's wife, daughter, two of his sons and their children fled to neighboring Algeria last month, as we reported.

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