Photo Emerges of Norway Shooter Before His Killing Spree

Government cameras captured Breivik in police garb

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We can't say for sure what Anders Behring Breivik was thinking just before he killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, but now we know what he looked like. The Norwegian news service ABC Nyheter published a security camera image today of a gun-toting Breivik dressed in a police uniform shortly before he detonated a car bomb that he'd placed outside the prime minister's office in Oslo (he later went on a killing spree at Utoya island). An Oslo police spokesman tells the AP that the picture is authentic and came from monitoring cameras at government headquarters. The spokesman added that the photo, which has not been officially released, was part of a confidential police report.

Breivik, who is currently in solitary confinement, will appear behind closed doors in a court appearance next week. Here's the full image published by ABC Nyheter. It looks like someone is walking behind Breivik on the other side of the street. We wonder what he or she was thinking.

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