Another Saif-al Islam Sighting, Maybe

The National Transitional Council claims to have seen Qaddafi's son in Bani Walid

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While other members of the Qaddafi clan have fled to neighboring countries, Muammar Qaddafi's son Said al-Islam was spotted amid the fighting, reports The Guardian. "But there was no sign of an end to heavy fighting in Bani Walid, 100 miles south of Tripoli, where Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, the deposed leader's son, was said to have been spotted." Speculation of Saif al-Islam's whereabouts--including hisĀ purported arrest--has been bouncing around for sometime, but The Guardian thinks this spotting is more credible than previous rumors. "Saif al-Islam, wanted along with his father for crimes against humanity, has been rumoured to be in the area before," they write, "but this was the first sighting to be claimed by officials of the National Transitional Council, now recognised internationally as Libya's government." But we're not so sure, the opposition has claimed Qaddafi and co. sightings left and right with little success, not giving this allegation much credibility over any others.

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