Libyan Rebels Give UCLA Tagalong the Boot, But He Won't Leave

Chris Jeon has apparently worn out his welcome on the front line, and got on a truck back to Benghazi

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Update (4:15 p.m. EDT): Christian Science Monitor reporter Kristen Chick posted an update on Jeon's movements to Twitter: "I was back in Nawfaliya today, Bradley Hope and I asked around for Chris Jeon but he wasn't there. He was, however, in Ras Lanuf last night." Chick first found Jeon in Nawfaliyah, on the northern coast. Ras Lanuf is on the way back to Benghazi. But Jeon didn't stay, she reported. "He apparently slept in the hospital there, took a shower, got some sunscreen, then hitched a ride back to the front. Chris Jeon - still here,"

Original: Chris Jeon, the 21-year-old UCLA math student who went and tagged along with the Libyan rebels as a summer vacation won't get to ride with them any further, it seems. Early on Friday, Al Jazeera producer Evan Hill tweeted, "Our team in east Libya said rebels fed up with Chris Jeon, US kid who tried to join, told him 2 go, last seen on pick-up going 2 Benghazi." Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times has a few more details on Jeon's university status: "A UCLA spokeswoman confirmed that Jeon is a student in the class of 2013. He is listed as a classics major, although media accounts have reported his major as math." And the LA Weekly tracked down a friend of Jeon's, Peter Duan, who described him as a "thrill-seeker" who "does plenty of stupid shit," and chose an exceptionally dangerous location in order to test himself. "I definitely think he would shoot somebody," Duan told the Weekly. "He told me, 'If a rebel's running at me with a gun, I won't hesitate to shoot his head off.'" That is, if he can figure out how to work his gun.

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