Images of Solidarity from 9/11 Memorials Around the World

From New York to Paris to Moscow to Kabul, 9/11 memorials struck a somber tone

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As President Obama and President Bush stood together at Ground Zero, citizens around the globe paid tribute to America's darkest day in various ways. In most places, the mood was somber, though some chose the day to protest. Inevitably, the world remained tense. With the looming threat of an anniversary attack, heavily armed guards stood watch at memorial services around the world, as an enduring reminder of how much has changed. From the French soldiers who stood guard by the Eiffel tower to the Australian firefighters who wore their gear to church services, the overarching message of 9/11 memorials around the world was one of solidarity.

In the dark early morning hours, New York City was illuminated with the tower of One World Trade Center rising up, illuminated in red, white and blue to the left, the Statue of Liberty in the center and the Tribute in Light on the right, where the Twin Towers once stood. (AP image)

Outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, two National Park Police stand watch over the memorial service held at the site, where Flight 93 went down. (Reuters image)

A guest holds the program and a tiny America flag at the Pentagon remembrance ceremony. (Reuters image)

Firefighters held a ceremony at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, where many wore purple and black bracelets that read "343," the number of firefighters killed on September 11. (Reuters image)

Firefighters in the Clerkenwell neighborhood held a moment of silence on the morning of September 11. (Getty image)

A man spits water at a photographer after being detained at a protest of "Muslims against the Crusade" by London's Marble Arch. (Getty image)

At the United States embassy in Kabul, a soldier played taps by an iron sculpture meant to symbolize the old skyline of Lower Manhattan. (AP image)

Across the border in Pakistan activists held a rally against the exploitation of their natural resources. (Getty image)

Two people pray at an outdoor mass held by Pope Benedict XVI in Anocona Italy. (AP image)

Pope Benedict XVI prayed for America on the anniversary of the attacks and warned the world against the "temptation toward hatred." (AP image)

Women wearing babushkas prayed alongside the U.S. Ambassador to Russia at a candelit service at the Church of St. Catherine in Moscow. (AP image)

Parisians unfurled American and French flags at a rainy memorial ceremony where two towers read in French and English respectively, "Les Français n'oublieront jamais--The French will never forget." (Getty image)

French soldiers, meanwhile, stood guard near Trocadero Square. (Getty image)

In New York, a police officer salutes by the North Pool before the 9/11 memorial services. (Getty image)

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