How Can You Not Love This?

(See update below.) The Chinese state-controlled TV network shows the launch of China's latest ambitious "Tiangong-1" satellite to the stately orchestral strains of....


... America the Beautiful.

I am posting this in the middle of the night my time because I have no idea how long it will be until someone in CCTV HQ happens to notice. Tragically, no embeddable link. (That's just a screen shot, above. Won't play if you click.) And no way I can capture it for posterity. But if you see this in time, try the link.

Ah international harmony. Ah soft power. Good luck, 天宫-1!

Update-update: Someone finally noticed, and by two days after the launch CCTV had removed the 'America the Beautiful' sound track. Sigh.

Update: I see that the Guardian has a story about this. The embed below comes from their site.