The Carpet Salesman Charged With Hunting Qaddafi

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The Libyan uprising is full of stories of rebels who were doing other things before they joined the opposition--operating a pizzeria in Stockholm, say, or doing time at Guantanamo Bay prison. Today NBC News tells the story of Hisham Buhagiar, a former carpet salesman who is now heading up the effort to locate Muammar Qaddafi (as we've noted before, it's proving difficult). In his interview with NBC, Buhagiar, who had long belonged to a secret group that plotted against Qaddafi, claims he believes Qaddafi is in the southern Sahara around the town of Sabha based on reported sightings and cellphone triangulation. He's also a bit shifty on what Qaddafi's fate will be if his team of 60 hunters finds the ousted Libyan leader. "If we catch Qaddafi we will put him through courts," he says, only to add, "maybe the Libyan people decide to kill him." Here's the video:

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