Car-Sized Oases: The Best Photos From Park(ing) Day

On any other day, lounging in a turf-covered parking space would seem weird

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On Friday, urbanites of all stripes engaged in some behavior that would be considered very odd on any other day (and probably Friday too, for anybody who didn't know what they were doing): They took to city streets in small, civil groups, sitting on grass, lawn chairs, and hay bales in tiny, makeshift "parks" set up in spaces usually reserved for cars. The idea of reclaiming a bit of street space one day a year started in San Francisco in 2005, the Park(ing) Day website says, but it's taken off since then and it's easy to see why: Like parade floats, the personalized "parks" created by groups of friends, non-profits, and companies, constitute a blank slate for decoration, limited only by the maker's budget and creativity. Naturally, it's turned into a sort of international round of one-upsmanship, which is great for its supporters and those who photograph them. Below, some of the best images from this year's event.

In Ahmedabad, India, one participant made an entire floor out of pallets, paving stones, and sod:

This one has a fully realized lawn:

Design firms, in particular, love stuff like this. One in Indianapolis sponsored a beer garden:

From Belgrade Flickr user Martin Linkov, a classic lawn scene:

In London (Ontario, not Britain), these guys couldn't decide on a lawn or a rec room theme:

In New York, the blog Smith & Ratliff discovered perhaps the most ironic pariticpant:

This Seattle architecture firm went for a design-heavy nature effect, via Flickr user Trevor Dykstra:

In Portland, a city-sponsored space took an urban farm theme:

In Dallas, metal sculpture and music:

And in San Francisco, who knows what this inflatable thing is, but it looks like fun:

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