Bin Laden: Celebrate 9/11 by Reading Bob Woodward

It's a plug that could drive sales in the coveted 18-34 jihadist demographic

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This is quite the plug! Embedded within Al Qaeda's hour-long video marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a rare book endorsement from the terror group's deceased leader. In the video, Osama bin Laden tells Americans to read the latest book by famed Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, though it wasn't exactly clear why. This morning, AFP merely reported:

He recommended that Americans read the book "Obama's War" by Bob Woodward which details wrangles over US military decision-making, and told them that US President Barack Obama?s campaign slogan "Yes, we can" is untrue.

Woodward's paper, The Post, which was provided a partial translation by the SITE Intelligence Group, was equally interested in the plug, noting that "Exactly what bin Laden would recommend about Woodward’s book was unclear, at least in the partial translation." According to ABC News's more extensive translation, bin Laden reviewed Obama's War by saying it "urged Obama to be more honest with you [the American people] and let you know that he is under pressure to continue the war and to support the Israelis, not to further America's interests but to further their interests." We reached out to Woodward about his reaction to being on bin Laden's list of recommended reading. We'll post an update if he responds. It's not exactly an Oprah Book Club endorsement but who knows, maybe it will drive sales in that coveted 18-34 jihadist demographic?

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