U.N. Humanitarian Efforts are Being Sent to Syria

United Nations' helpers will have full access to the hardest hit areas of Syria.

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The United Nations announced it will send a humanitarian team to Syria on Saturday in an attempt to hit the areas hardest hit by the five-month old struggle between president Bashar al-Assad and pro-democracy protestors, BBC News reports. Most recently tanks went through the town Latakia in an effort to stomp out anti-Assad protestors. A round-up of citizens in the area took them to a stadium, where they were held against their will. A Syrian official told the U.N. they, "will have full access to where we want to go." The move is a speck of good public relations for the embattled country, who saw President Obama call for president Bashar al-Assad step down on Thursday. Syria has claimed military and police operations against protestors have stopped, though it hasn't been verified. Whether Syria is spending the time between now and Saturday cleaning up after themselves couldn't be verified either.

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