Some of the Faces Behind the London Protests

Some unlikely characters were involved in the violence, disorder and looting

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After the week of protests in London, the police have charged 700 people with violence, disorder and looting, reports the Associated Press. More than 1700 people in the United Kingdom have been arrested, including some unlikely characters.

The alleged looters and vandals included an 11-year-old boy, a teenage ballerina, a university English student from a prosperous commuter town, and Natasha Reid, a 24-year-old university graduate who admitted stealing a TV from a looted electronics store. Her lawyer said she had turned herself in because she could not sleep for guilt. A judge told her she would probably go to jail when she is sentenced later.

Another was Chelsea Ives, an 18-year-old chosen as a volunteer ambassador for next year's Olympic Games. She is accused of burglary, violent disorder and throwing bricks at a police car during riots in north London on Sunday.

Not exactly your stereotypical hooligans.

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