Report: Libyan Forces Fire First Scud on Rebels

Forces loyal to Qaddafi break out the big guns, but fall short on accuracy.

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According to U.S. officials, military forces fighting for Muammar Qaddafi fired a Scud missile at rebel forces on Sunday, the Associated Press reports. The missile was fired from Sirte, a coastal city, and aimed for the oil town Brega, but it landed about 50 miles off target in the desert outside of town, says BBC News. No one was hurt. This was the first Scud missile of about 200 in the Libyan army's possession. U.S. forces detected the missile shortly after it was launched. Brega has swung between being controlled by the military, and being controlled by the rebel forces, who have possession of the town now. It was reported Monday that Qaddafi forces are planning to destroy an oil refinery in Brega in order to halt any profits the rebels reap from the valuable resource. According to rebel spokesman the refinery could generate up to $35 million a day in exports, if they could export it.

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