Report: Duggan Didn't Shoot At Police Before Being Killed

Commission rules gun belonging to Duggan found at the scene was never fired

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The Independent Police Complaints Commission released their early forensic results from tests on guns found at the scene of Mark Duggan's death, the Guardian reports. The bullet lodged in a police radio found at the scene was "consistent with having been fired from a [police] Heckler and Koch MP5," according to the report issued by the IPCC. More importantly, the gun found at the scene allegedly belonging to Mark Duggan was not fired that night, which leads the IPCC to conclude there is "no evidence" Duggan fired first on police officers. Duggan was shot twice, once in the chest, and once in his right arm, last Thursday after being stopped by police. Details from the night are scarce, and the shooting is credited as the catalyst for the first night of rioting in London. It's unclear what's behind the continuing violence in London. The police are looking at videos from buses passing through the area at the time of the shooting, as well as examining emergency calls to police and ambulances.

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