Rebels Claim to Have Qaddafi Surrounded

They claim the Libyan dictator is in an apartment complex near his compound

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Update (11:11 ET): The Associated Press speaks with Qaddafi's spokesperson, who says the dictator is in Libya and is on the move.

Nothing seems confirmed, but Libyan rebel forces are claiming that they have surrounded Muammar Qaddafi in an apartment building near his former compound, Reuters reported. "They are together. They are in a small hole," said one of the fighter quoted by the news outlet, referring to Qaddafi and his sons. "Today we finish. Today we will end that." In a breaking update, CBS News's Barry Petersen stresses the caveats in the development: "rebels say they may have Qaddafi surrounded in apartment complex, but situation dangerous, fluid." CNN has similar analysis: "CNN has not been able to independently confirm the rebels' claim. Rebels have made many bold statements in recent days, some of which haven't turned out to be true."

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