Saif al-Islam, Thought to be Arrested, Appears in Tripoli

Says his dad is still in Tripoli and in good health.

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Saif al-Islam, son of the missing Muammar Qaddafi, has reemerged in Tripoli Monday evening, as first reported by AFP. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, told Reuters earlier that al-Islam had been captured according to, "confidential information from different sources that we have within Libya confirming this." CNN's Matthew Chance tweeted that he had a face to face meeting with Saif al-Islam Tuesday evening, who said the reports of his arrest were tricks by the rebel forces. He also told Chance that pro-regime troops had broken the back of the rebel forces, and that he's been driving around Tripoli in an armored vehicle this whole time.

"This is a war of technology and electronics to cause chaos and terror in Libya. They also brought in armed gangs by sea and by road," said al-Islam while visiting the Rixos hotel, where foreign journalists are currently staying, according to Reuters. He also said his father was safe, and still in Tripoli. He reassured reporters that Tripoli was still under government control, and balked at reports of an arrest warrat from the International Criminal Court.

Early Monday it was reported that Saif al-Islam's brother, Mohammad, had escaped from the rebel's capture. Waheed Burshan, a member of the NTC, has told al-Jazeera English that Saif al-Islam was in the rebel's custody, but he too managed to escape. Chance tweeted this picture following his car ride with al-Islam. He also raised an appropriate question over Twitter following Saif's reappearance: "Major PR coup for #Gadhafi – if the rebels lied about this – what can we believe?"

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