Phone Hackers' Names Will Not Be Made Public

It would complicate on-going investigations

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The world will have to wait a little bit longer before learning the names of the phone-hacking News of the World journalists. The Guardian reports:

The names were passed to Steve Coogan on Friday by Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who worked for the paper, in compliance with a high court order the actor obtained earlier this year. … Coogan is one of several celebrities suing the paper for breach of privacy.

The high court order instructed Mulcaire to reveal who at the paper asked him to illegally intercept messages left on mobile belonging to former model Elle Macpherson, publicist Max Clifford and four others.

Scotland Yard has so far blocked the publication of the names until they can "consider the manner." It goes without saying that public disclosure of the phone hacking journalists would complicate the police's on-going investigation into the matter. London Metropolitan Police seems busy enough arresting and re-arresting former News of the World employees.

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