News of the World's Hollywood Reporter Arrested

James Desborough was arrested on suspicion of phone hacking

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Another former News of the World staffer has been arrested for phone hacking: James Desborough, a Los Angeles-based showbusiness reporter. According to The Guardian, Desborough was arrested by police while in London "on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications." And his arrest could bring the more scrutiny to reporters who may have used illegal phone hacking techniques while operating stateside:

If Desborough was involved in hacking while in Britain, as police appear to believe he was, it raises the question of whether he practised those techniques in the US – and if so, whether he was the first and only News of the World journalist in the US to do so.

Desborough, The Guardian noted, had been awarded by the 2009 British Press Awards ceremony for nabbing "uncompromising scoops which mean no celebrity with secrets can sleep easy."

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