Mubarak's Not Guilty Plea Has Become a Ringtone

Egyptians are sharing the clip on social networking sites

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As the trial of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for corruption and killing protesters gets underwayAl-Arabiya observes this morning. The country's press is marveling at yesterday's images of the once-powerful ruler lying on a stretcher in a cage, decked out in a white prison suit. But, as Reuters and DPA note today, Egyptians are finding other ways to revel in Mubarak's downfall as well. The semi-official newspaper Al-Ahram newspaper reported today that Mubarak's not guilty plea yesterday--"I deny all these charges and accusations categorically," according to Al-Jazeera's translation--has been turned into a popular ringtone for cell phones. The original article, which you can find here, explains that Egyptians are sharing an MP3 of the denial on social networking and file sharing sites. While the article doesn't include a clip of the ringtone, you can listen to it in this video clip, 30 to 34 seconds in. Sound like something you'd want to hear when you get a call?

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