London Riots Expected to Cost Taxpayers Over $160 Million

An 1886 law says the police must pay for the damages. Guess who pays for the police…

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Damage claims related to recent riots are already overwhelming insurance offices in London. According to The Guardian, everybody will have to pay:

The damage to both domestic and business properties is likely to be picked up by police authorities, and in particular the Metropolitan Police Authority, under the provisions of the Riots (Damages) Act 1886, which specifies that where damage is caused by people "riotously and tumultuously assembled", local police authorities are required to compensate victims.

The Met has suggested in a statement to the Guardian that it would meet the cost from its reserves, which are funded by the taxpayer. … The bill could run to more than £100m ($162m), according to provisional estimates of the insurance claims resulting from the unrest.

Of course, this figure doesn't include the on-going riots in Birmingham, Liverpool, Salford, West Bromwich or Manchester.

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