IMF Staffers Applauded Dominique Strauss-Kahn

DSK makes his return to IMF offices and is welcomed back with open arms

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn made his triumphant return to the IMF Monday, where staffers greeted him "with warm applause," Reuters reports. The meeting was first reported by Bloomberg, who first reported his return earlier Monday afternoon when they obtained an email sent to IMF staffers that said Strauss-Kahn, "has indicated that, on a personal visit to the Fund later today, he would like to have the opportunity to say goodbye to staff." When Strauss-Kahn arrived, staff members at the IMF broke into "spontaneous applause before Strauss-Kahn began speaking." This was Strauss-Kahn's first visit since he resigned from the IMF in May while his criminal rape trial was still ongoing. The charges against him were dropped last week. Strauss-Kahn didn't bring up the trial during his visit with employees "in a packed auditorium," but did note the U.S. justice system was "fair." A witness described the room's reaction to Reuters:

"He received a very warm welcome," said Paulo Nogueira Batista, who represents Brazil and a group of eight Latin American countries, after the meeting.

"It reflects the fact that he is very much appreciated in the institution," Nogueira Batista said, adding: "People clapped for very long periods."

Reuters did note that news of his return was met with some negative attention, but others "felt sorry for Strauss-Kahn and wanted to pay tribute to his time at the helm of the global lender." Reuters' finance blogger Felix Salmon tweeted a link to the story, with the only appropriate response, "Ugh."

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