Heather Mills Links Piers Morgan to Phone Hacking

She says a Mirror Group journalist hacked into her voicemail

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As we noted last week, CNN anchor Piers Morgan has spent a lot of time recently battling allegations that he was involved in phone hacking while editing the British tabloids News of the World and the Daily Mirror--allegations that, so far, have not been proven. This afternoon, Paul McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills, has leveled her own accusation against Morgan in an interview with BBC Newsnight. Mills claims that a journalist with the Mirror Group, which owns the Daily Mirror, admitted to her that he hacked into her voicemail in 2001 and listened to a message McCartney left her after she'd left for India in the wake of a fight. The BBC points out that while the journalist in question wasn't Morgan, the CNN anchor did tell the Daily Mail in 2006 that he had listened to a "heartbreaking" message McCartney left Mills while she was in India following a "tiff."

While not explicitly accusing Morgan of engaging in phone hacking himself, Mills still points a finger squarely at the former Daily Mirror editor, who has denied any involvement in phone hacking. "There was absolutely no honest way that Piers Morgan could have obtained that tape that he has so proudly bragged about unless they had gone into my voice messages," she stated. The Daily Mirror's parent company has denied any wrongdoing.

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