The Fourth Death from the Riots in London

The man was attacked after trying to put out a fire during the rioting Monday evening.

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A man who was attacked Monday night during the London riots has died, BBC News reports. Richard Manning Bowes tried to stamp out a fire lit in a garbage can Monday evening when he was attacked by a "mob" of youths and beaten close to death, according to The Guardian. When the police came over to help him, they were "pelted with missiles," according to the BBC. They were eventually able to give him first aid and get him to a hospital. He had head injuries, was in a coma, and was left in critical condition after the attack. He died Thursday evening. Three other men died when they were hit by a car while defending their businesses from looters. British authorities believe they've found a suspect in Bowes's murder case from CCTV footage of the attack. Bowes, 68, lived alone a few blocks away from where he was killed. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, said of him, "There are many villains in this story, but also many heroes, and I want to pay particular tribute to Mr Bowes. But he has paid a terrible price. I am desperately sorry for him and his family."

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