Explosions Rock Kabul's British Council Killing Three

Insurgents attack in the Afghan capital on the country's national holiday.

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Multiple explosions went off Friday in Kabul as suicide bombers attempted to attack the British Council in the city of Kabul, BBC News reports. Three people are now dead, and nine more are injured according to Afghan police. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and confirmed the target was the British Council. CNN has a more detailed description of what happened:

The first militant drove a vehicle packed with explosives toward the Council's main security gate before detonating the device, according to Afghan police spokesman Hashamap Stanikzai.

The second man then attempted to enter the compound wearing a vest filled with explosives. He also detonated himself, Stanikzai said.

The Washington Note's Steve Clemons is on the ground in Kabul, and nearly died when he was caught in helicopter crossfire while reporting the incident from the rooftop of his hotel. Clemons reported hearing three blasts, and a lot of helicopter activity. A "very informed" local told him 11 members of the Haqqani network, an independent group that works closely with the Taliban, are responsible for the attacks. Friday is Afghanistan's National Day, their version of independence day.
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