Bill Bratton Confirms He's Going to Battle Gangs

As unrest continues in London, Cameron has recruited a veteran police chief

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Update: Bratton tells NBC New York he's formally accepted the job. According to the story, Bratton will be a "longterm consultant" and isn't expected to begin work "for a week or so."

Original post: Bill Bratton, the man who served as police chief in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, will reportedly advise Prime Minister David Cameron on how to handle the rioting in London, reports The Daily Mail. "America's most fearsome policeman has been appointed David Cameron's top adviser on gang warfare." Bratton told ABC News he had received a call from Cameron on Friday morning, but said they do not have any formal agreement yet. Cameron cited Bratton in his address to Parliament yesterday. "I believe we should be looking beyond our shores to learn the lesson from others who have faced similar problems," he said. "That is why I will be discussing how we can go further in coming to grips with gangs with people like Bill Bratton."

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