Before-and-After Shots From the London Riots

The British press is serving up interactives to chart the unrest

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The famously combative British press, it seems, is even competing for the best interactive feature today. The Telegraph, The Guardian, the BBC, and Sky News are all running fascinating, Google Street View-powered galleries where you can compare what different areas of London looked like before and after the rioting and looting (The Telegraph and The Guardian even offer the viewer nifty sliders to assess the damage).

These aren't the only graphics that are worth checking out. If you're looking to read up on how the unrest has spread across England in recent days, the BBC has a timeline and map of the violence that includes text, photos, and videos. If you're looking for the "why" behind the protests, The Financial Times has a map showing the London boroughs where rioting has cropped up, along with unemployment and deprivation data. All these features may be helpful as London braces for another night of disorder.

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