Anders Breivik Demands Psychiatrists and Cigarettes

Norway suspect issues two lists of demands in exchange for cooperation.

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Anders Behring Breivik, who confessed to killing 76 people in the attacks in Oslo, delivered two lists of demands to his lawyer, BBC News reports. Items on the lists ranged from cigarettes to a complete government overhaul in Europe. His lawyer, Gier Lippestad, called most of the demands "unrealistic." They were presented in two different lists. The first one was much more simple. It was a list of easy demands, things like cigarettes and civilian clothing. The second list was slightly harder to deliver. The items were a bit more substantial. The list was the most important though, because Breivik, "linked his demands to his willingness to share information about other alleged terrorist cells."

After he was arrested, Breivik said he was helped by "two cells" while planning his attacks. His second list of demands requested the Norwegian government be overthrown and for European society to reform. His lawyer called the demands, "completely unrealistic," and it, "shows he doesn't know how society works." Breivik requested that he should play a key role in the new society once everything has been overthrown, The Guardian reports. Lippestad has previously labeled his client "insane." Breivik had previously agreed to be examined by local psychiatrists. In his new list of demands, he requested he also be examined by Japanese psychiatrists because the Japanese, "understand the idea and values of honour and that a Japanese [specialist] would understand him a lot better than any European would," his lawyer told reporters.

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