5,000 Soldiers Will Protect Mubarak on His Way to Court

Egypt is going to extreme measures to protect their former president

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New details are out about former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's trial and, more specifically, how the Egyptian government will handle security. The New York Times reports:

The Ministry of Interior and the Army said 5,000 soldiers and officers backed by 50 tanks and armored vehicles would be deployed along the route where Mr. Mubarak and his co-defendants, including his two sons, would be transported to court as well as the court itself, a Cairo police academy. Officials said barbed wire would ring the police academy to stop intruders, and security forces would surround the facility’s outer fence.

Once he arrives, Mubarak will sit in a metal cage for the duration of the trial, as is the custom in Egypt. He faces charges of corruption and the killing of Egyptians related to the Tahrir Square uprising this spring.

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