William Defeats Kate in Quaint Canadian Dragon Boat Race

The Royal Couple's tour of Canada gets competitive

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William and Kate continued their tour across Canada today with a stop in Prince Edward Island. Will spent the morning practicing "waterbirding," an emergency helicopter landing in water, with the Canadian Coast Guard this morning, and then around lunch time the couple faced off in a dragon boat race in a small lake behind Dalvay-by-the-Sea, a hotel in PEI's national park. Kate teamed up with the premier of the province, Robert Ghiz, while William was on a team with the premier's wife for the showdown. Local athletes like Adam McQuaid, a defensemen for the Boston Bruins, and professional dragon boat racers filled out the teams.

Kate attempted to psyche out the Prince before the race by sticking her tongue out at him, but her taunts couldn't shake the future king. Will's team narrowly edged ahead of Kate's at the last minute to win the race. The couple shared a hug and a laugh. (Full disclosure: The writer lives in PEI.)

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