The Nazis, the Times, and Glenn Beck

Near the top of the latest Ethan Bronner story out of Israel, about a group of Israeli women who smuggle Palestinian women to the Tel Aviv beach -- West Bank Palestinian women who otherwise wouldn't be able to experience the joys of the sea -- comes this highly annoying paragraph:

What we are doing here will not change the situation," said Hanna Rubinstein, who traveled to Tel Aviv from Haifa to take part. "But it is one more activity to oppose the occupation. One day in the future, people will ask, like they did of the Germans: 'Did you know?' And I will be able to say, 'I knew. And I acted.'"

It's a perfectly nice thing for these Israeli women to bring Palestinians to the beach; this is the sort of protest against the occupation that seems both clever and humane. If these Israeli women think they're going to change Palestinian minds about the rationale for a Jewish state, they're kidding themselves, but still, it seems like a humanizing gesture. But comparing Israeli behavior on the West Bank to the Nazis? Is Hanna Rubinstein a blithering idiot? I wish Ethan had paused in the article for minute and asked this person, "Really?" It would have interrupted the narrative, but the comparison is so egregious and anti-historical as to merit a challenge by the reporter.

And speaking of Nazis everywhere, Goldblog reader Andrew Miller sent me this about Glenn Beck, who seemingly can't go for an hour without invoking the specter of Nazism:

Beck described the brutal incident (in Norway) "as a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. I mean who sends their kids to a political camp? Disturbing," he added.

This is the same Glenn Beck who is treated like a giant of his generation by the Likud Party. The question is, will any of Beck's great friends in Israel condemn him for once again cheapening the Shoah? And by the way, Goldblog's parents sent their son to a political camp. This one. It did not seem to me at the time that my summer camp had been influenced by the theories and principles of Hitler Youth.