Protests Greet the Royal Couple In Montreal

Quebec's sovereigntists are bothered by a stop on their itinerary

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The royal couple are currently in the middle of a nine-day tour across Canada and while most residents have been all for the idea, some residents of Quebec seem to disagree. Protestors greeted Will and Kate outside of a children's hospital in Montreal on Saturday evening, the CBC reported.

"Dozens" of people gathered with signs that read things like "we will not bow" and waved flags with the Fleurs-De-Lys while the couple shook hands and spoke with residents of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre. More protests are planned for Sunday, when an estimated crowd of 300 detractors will meet them downtown.

Quebec's sovereigntists are bothered because the couple are planning to visit the Citadelle, a fortified residence at the foot of the Plains of Abraham, where British troops defeated the French in 1759 in a pivotal battle in the history of the birth of Canada.

As The Guardian points out, the monarchy have never met a warm welcome in Quebec. The Queen hasn't visited the province since protestors booed her in 1964, over forty years ago. Protestors sparred with police when Prince Charles and Camilla last visited in 2009.

The Quebec Resistance Network, a small, radical separatist group that participated in the 2009 protests, said it will have its own security guards at the demonstration on Sunday to keep protesters in check. Patrick Bourgeois, leader of the network, said the separatists want to send a message "that the monarchy is not welcome in Quebec".

The royal couple will leave Quebec Sunday evening and fly to Prince Edward Island, where tomorrow they will compete in a dragon boat race and Will is going to fly a Coast Guard helicopter. 

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