Police Find More Explosives at Norway Shooter's Farm

Investigators suspect Anders Breivik used fertilizer to make his bombs

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Reuters is reporting that Norwegian police have detonated a "cache of explosives" found at a farm leased by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 76 people on Friday in Norway. The news agency adds that police believe that Breivik made the bomb he used in Oslo last week using fertilizer that he bought while pretending to be a farmer.

The farm, which is in Rena, about 100 miles from Oslo, is where Breivik is believed to have written his 1,500-page manifesto and plotted his attack. The Daily Mail takes a look at the property today, noting that Breivik is suspected of making his fertilizer bomb in a huge barn and that the land was previously "used by a criminal gang as one of Norway's biggest marijuana farms."

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