Photos: Chinese Communism's 90th Anniversary

Plus, the Chinese president delivers an hour and a half social stability speech

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On Friday, in a meeting marking the 90th anniversary of China's communist party, president Hu Jintao delivered a keynote speech to 6,000 guests vowing to fight corruption within the party, CNN and BBC News report. The New York Times relays a key paragraph from his one-and-a-half-hour speech on stability:

"The danger of letting down one’s psychological guard, the danger of not being sufficiently capable, the danger of distancing one’s self from the people and the danger of pessimism and corruption are right in front of us more than before," he said.

With so many carefully calibrated events going on today, here's a few of the just-released images that caught our eye, beginning with a wider view of the chamber of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where Hu Jintao delivered his speech (Associated Press):

A look at the ceiling of the hall: a military band member rehearses in the Great Hall of the People (Associated Press):

Party members swearing the oath in Shanghai, China (Associated Press):

A boy standing in front of the flag in Shanghai, China (Associated Press):

A revolutionary song concert in the Chongqing municipality (Reuters):

Performers pose for pictures in Red Army uniforms in the Shaanxi province (Associated Press):

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