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The guy who shoved a shaving cream pie at Rupert Murdoch during the News International owner's testimony before a House of Commons committee last week does have an indisputably clever knack for publicity. After pleading guilty today to charges of assault and causing harassment, alarm or distress, Jonathan May-Bowles told reporters, "I would just like to say this has been the most humble day of my life, " borrowing Murdoch's own 

ridiculed quote from his testimony in front of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee. The 26-year-old, who works part time as a stand-up comic under the stage name Jonnie Marbles, was videotaped getting up from his seat, walking to Murdoch's table, and depositing a "pie" made of shaving cream in the media mogul's face. Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, slapped May-Bowles away immediately afterward. According to The Guardian, "In a hearing which lasted only 15 minutes, the prosecutor added that Murdoch did not support the charge of assault." May-Bowles is set to be sentenced on August 2.

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