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3:03 pm EST - Summary: Three explosions hit Mumbai, India on Wednesday evening during rush hour in these areas described by The New York Times: a "crowded Dadar neighborhood; the Zaveri Bazaar, a well-known jewelry market; and near the Opera House." The current number of dead is 21, with 141 injured according to the Ministry of Home Affairs website (via The Wall Street Journal). NDTV, a Mumbai news source, previously reported that Improvised Explosive Devices were used in the attacks. The city has been put on high alert by authorities. Multiple reports say that the Opera House blast was the most powerful.

1:30 - The White House has released this statement from President Obama condemning the attacks and promising help. Excerpt: "The American people will stand with the Indian people in times of trial, and we will offer support to India’s efforts to bring the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice."

12:41 - NDTV reports on the aftermath: "heavy rains lashed the area, triggering fears that crucial evidence may be lost before being collected by the forensic experts. Forensic experts of Maharashtra and from Central Forensic Laboratory Delhi have reached here and were working to locate the vital clues of these blasts when the downpour started."

12:33 - A number of news outlets have curated the very graphic images from the attacks: From Reuters, From NDTV, From The Daily Beast.

12:22 - Reuters live blog reports the latest injury count: "13 dead is the official count so far in #Mumbai blasts. More than 200 severely injured."

12:12 - The Telegraph relays from Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan: "the latest attack killed 17 people." Reuters had previously reported 13 deaths with over 100 injured.

12:10 - From NDTV, quoting Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan: "We are not speculating that who could have done it but this is an attack on the heart of India and the people of Mumbai are facing a new attack with calm and are maintaining peace."

12:06 -  Associated Press images has released another photo of the wreckage of a motorcycle outside Opera House in Mumbai:

12:00 EST - The Guardian relays from South Mumbai representative Milend Deora at a press conference: "The message that I would like to give to the people is the same I gave after the 26/11 attacks. People should be calm and refrain from rumour mongering."

11:52 - In our sources section at the bottom of this post, we've compiled a list of the updating places we're following closest. They include live blogs from Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and briefs from Mumbai source NDTV (live video here) as well as Reuters Flash on Twitter.

11:50 - The Wall Street Journal's live blog quotes Mumbai police Commissioner Arup Patnaik as saying: "Opera House blast most powerful." The three blasts took place, as The New York Times previously described, in "the crowded Dadar neighborhood; the Zaveri Bazaar, a jewelry market; and near the Opera House."

11:41 - BBC News reports that officials have put Mumbai "on a state of high alert. Delhi, the capital, Calcutta and several other cities have also been put on alert."

11:28 - The Telegraph's live blog points to the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement on Twitter, which reads: "President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani condemn blasts in Mumbai. Express sympathy with Indian Leadership on loss of lives/property."

11:27 EST - Reuters Flash updates the death toll citing TV outlets quoting the State Chief Minister: "Death toll in Mumbai blasts rises to 13." Reuters previously reported the injury toll at 100.

11:22 - NDTV now reports "Mumbai Police sources say the Indian Mujahideen (IM) is suspected to be behind the attack." The Guardian's live account points to a Google map of where all three explosions took place.

11:15 - NDTV says that an Improvised Explosive Device was used in all three explosions. It cites Home Ministry sources.

11:07 - Reuters Flash updates the injury toll: "At least 2 dead, 100 injured in blasts in Mumbai - Home secretary"

11:02 - Associated Press images has released the pictured above photo, described this way: "Injured victims of a bomb explosion are loaded onto a truck to be taken to hospital, at Zaveri bazar in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, July 13, 2011."

10:52 - NDTV, the local news Mumbai channel that outlets are continuously citing, has reported that "Maharashtra government sources say at least 60 people have been injured in the serial blasts."

10:47 - CNN's brief adds: "Witnesses told CNN-IBN that their window panes shook and they heard the thundering boom of the blasts. Workers who had not left their offices were advised not to venture out." Reuters Anthony De Rosa points to the first images from the attack from NDTV here.

10:42 - NDTV has a live-feed of video coverage from its anchors here.

10:39 - BBC News adds instant analysis from its reporter in Delhi: "The choice of locations makes it clear that the blasts were intended to cause maximum casualties. But early footage of one of the blast sites - a ripped-off cover of a bus shelter and a car with its glass shattered - points to a medium-level and possibly crude explosion."

10:35: The New York Times has a brief live, adding that the attacks "appeared to be coordinated attacks on India’s economic capital" and citing Indian outlets saying "that at least 10 people were killed, and that dozens may have been injured."

10:33 - NDTV reports "All blasts took place during rush hour and in crowded places. Eyewitnesses said about 15 to 20 people have taken to hospital in Zaveri Bazar. Reports said six people had died in the Dadar blast, four in the Zaveri Bazaar blast."

10:29 - "NDTV, the leading local news channel in Mumbai, reported that the home ministry said it could be a terrorist attack," relays The Wall Street Journal.

10:27 EST - In a flash report, Reuters now says that "At least 3 dead, 25 injured in blasts in Mumbai," according to police.

Original Post:

Multiple blasts have struck Mumbai, India, according to Breaking News and Reuters. The Associated Press's breaking report adds: "An official at the city's Police Control Room said one blast was the crowded neighborhood of Dadar in central Mumbai. The others were at the famed jewelry market Jhaveri Bazaar and the busy business district of Opera House."

Breaking News relays the specific details of the incident, as reported by CNN-IBN: "The blasts, that went off within minutes of each other, injured 15. Police, ambulance, home guards and fire brigade were rushed to the spot. The incident happened at 7:10 pm on Wednesday."

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