The Mother of DSK's French Accuser Makes Her Own Accusations

Anne Mansouret recounts her own sexual encounter with Strauss-Kahn

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In a strange development in the sexual assault allegations between French writer Tristane Banon and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the mother of Banon is now saying she had "brutal" sex with the former International Monetary Fund chief in 2000 while they were both supposed to be working, reports The Daily Mail. 65-year-old Anne Mansouret said DSK "took me with the vulgarity of a soldier" during a consensual encounter at the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development where she worked as a special adviser. The affair preceded the alleged attempted rape of Mansouret's daughter by three years. In that instance, according to Banon, Strauss-Kahn forced himself onto her while she was interviewing him for a book in an encounter that ended "very, very violently" she told The Telegraph. DSK denies the incident and his lawyers say they're planning on suing for "‘slanderous denunciation." The allegations are separate from Strauss-Kahn's arrest in May on charges that he attempted to rape his hotel maid. Last week, He was released without bail after serious questions of his accuser's credibility were raised.

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