Iran Killing American Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Just so we're absolutely clear about the nature of the Iranian regime, here are two reports about Iranian efforts to kill American soldiers. From The Wall Street Journal:

The Revolutionary Guard has smuggled rocket-assisted exploding projectiles to its militia allies in Iraq, weapons that have already resulted in the deaths of American troops, defense officials said. They said Iranians have also given long-range rockets to the Taliban in Afghanistan, increasing the insurgents' ability to hit U.S. and other coalition positions from a safer distance.

Such arms shipments would escalate the shadow competition for influence playing out between Tehran and Washington across the Middle East and North Africa, fueled by U.S. preparations to draw down forces from two wars and the political rebellions that are sweeping the region.

And from The Washington Post:

James F. Jeffrey, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, said Tuesday that fresh forensic testing on weapons used in the latest deadly attacks in the country bolsters assertions by U.S. officials that Iran is supporting Iraqi insurgents with new weapons and training.

"We're not talking about a smoking pistol. There is no doubt this is Iranian," Jeffrey said in an interview.

"We're seeing more lethal weapons, more accurate weapons, more longer-range weapons," Jeffrey added. "And we're seeing more sophisticated mobile and other deployment options, and we're seeing better-trained people."

What does this mean? It means that Iran is waging war against the United States of America. Or, to put it another way, it means that Iran doesn't seem particularly interested in entering into a dialogue with the Obama Administration at the moment. Unless, of course, this is just a cry for help.