A Guide to Celebrating Nelson Mandela's 93rd Birthday

A roundup of how kids, bikers, and the Obamas are honoring the South African hero

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Today is former South African president Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday. According to The Associated Press, Mandela--who has been the subject of health scares since stepping away from public life in 2004--is "expected to spend the day with his family in his home village of Qunu, approximately 600 miles (965km) south of Johannesburg," where he's expected to be joined later by South African president Jacob Zuma. Here at The Atlantic Wire, we've compiled a guide to the most striking tributes to Mandela to emerge today.

  • Look: The Mandela family has released a new official photograph of the leader to the AP.

  • Read: The 2009 United Nations resolution naming July 18 (today) International Nelson Mandela Day.
  • Read: Also from the UN web site: the transcripts of Mandela's 1962 trial, including his opening statements.
  • Watch: Reuters provided video of some of the 12 million schoolchildren across South Africa who sang a rewritten version of Happy Birthday to Mandela prior to the start of lessons today.

  • Watch: The Charlie Rose Show tweeted out a link to Rose's 1993 interview with Mandela following South Africa's first round of open elections.

  • Read: The Huffington Post's interview with Desmond Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town, in which he recalls battling apartheid alongside Mandela.  
  • Watch: Morgan Freeman explains the origins of the day of service to Piers Morgan.

  • Read: The official web site of the city of Johannesburg had a thorough list of the public improvement projects undertaken today.
  • Read: President Obama's official statement on Mandela Day, courtesy of the White House. 
  • Watch: CNN had a fascinating report on one specific Mandela Day tribute, carried out by a "multiracial, multilingual group" of South African motorcyclists.

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