Freed Ai Weiwei Back to Work on New Art Projects

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Yesterday, The New York Times checked in with formerly jailed Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei who--as we noted upon his being released on bail after months of detention for alleged economic crimes--is restricted from speaking with the media, using Twitter, and leaving Beijing, among other things. So, since they couldn't speak with him, the Times corresponded with the Swiss gallery owner, Urs Meile, who represented Weiwei. The gallery owner relays that the artist is now going back to work:

"The detention could not break his incomparable presence and vigor, his humor and his alertness!" Mr. Meile said in the e-mail. "He is full of energy and again intensively dedicating himself to his artistic creation." Mr. Meile added that Mr. Ai "is able to work without interruption, to make plans and to realize projects together with his team." Mr. Meile did not give details on what kinds of projects Mr. Ai might be pursuing.

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