DSK's Political Fortunes Dim as Deadline Approaches

He has three days to enter the race and his polls don't look good

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It's crunch time for Dominique Strauss-Kahn. As the sexual assault case against him falls apart, the former IMF chief has until Wednesday to submit his presidential candidacy to the Socialist Party. Once France's most popular politician, DSK's political fortunes plummeted following his high-profile arrest in New York on charges of attempted rape of a hotel maid. But as prosecutors have begun raising serious questions of his alleged victim's credibility, DSK's supporters in the Socialist Party have begun urging his return to French politics. "DSK, Back?" read the front-page headline of the left-leaning newspaper Liberation. But here's what's casting a shadow on a Strauss-Kahn political comeback.

He's given up  A source close to Strauss-Kahn told Mediaite last night that the former IMF chief is not running for president of France. "DSK is telling friends that media speculation that he might run is simply absurd. Of course he is pleased that despite the recent headlines, the media is suddenly declaring him a viable candidate, but he knows in the real world that is just not the case." On the other hand, On Sunday, the New York Post reported that a top French political consultant flew to New York on Saturday to meet with Strauss-Kahn, suggesting he may be plotting a political return. The conultant is Stephane Fouks of Euro RSCG.

His polling  Two recent polls bode poorly for DSK. "A survey published last week in the French magazine Le Figaro found 65 per cent of 1,002 respondents would be opposed to his running for president," reports The Star. "A further 74 per cent didn’t believe he would run at all. Even Socialist Party spokesman Benoit Hamon has called the notion “the weakest” of all possible hypotheses for what Strauss-Kahn will do next." A second poll reported in France Soir confirms the trend. In that poll, 62 percent said they do not want DSK to run while 33 percent supported his candidacy. News of his weak polling is being reported widely in France, in outlets including Le Observateur, 20 Minutes, and Metro France.

Tristane Banon  The French writer who contends DSK tried to rape her years ago continues to be a problem for him.  Today French police spoke with Banon about the alleged crime, reports the Associated Press. "Tristane Banon brought a criminal complaint last week, and the Paris prosecutor's office has opened a preliminary investigation into the allegations. Banon contends Strauss-Kahn attacked her in an empty apartment during a 2003 interview."

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