David Cameron Scrutinized in the News Corp. Scandal

British Prime Minister's ties to phone hacking scandal are questioned

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British Prime Minister David Cameron is being questioned about his ties to the major players in the phone hacking scandal. The Washington Post's Anthony Faiola says that Cameron came under fire in parliament on Wednesday from the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband, about his ties to former News of the World editor Andy Coulson. Miliband demanded that Cameron turn over any information his office received when hiring Coulson as Communications Director in 2010. He was referring to reports that The Guardian gave Cameron's office about Coulson's employing a private investigator "then facing charges for conspiracy to murder, and previously jailed for conspiracy to plant cocaine on an innocent woman" while with the newspaper.

The Guardian's Allegra Stratton reports that the Prime Minister was still unaware of the reports her newspaper passed on to his office. Apparently the information went from the newspaper to "one of his closest aides, Steve Hilton, to his chief of staff, Ed Llewellyn," but, "Llewellyn took the judgment that the information was already substantially contained in news reports in the public domain." The newspaper also had a second meeting with Llewellyn where the case of the private investigator was discussed, which is putting increased pressure on the Prime Minister's office.

Cameron's neighborhood can't even catch a brake. The PM was taken to task for his relationship with Rebekah Brooks. The two, "have gone horseback riding together," according to The Washington Post. Brooks entertained the Prime Minister at Christmas time. The two live in the same neighborhood outside of London.

Cameron and Brooks form what the media here call the “Chipping Norton set,” named after the area where they live, about 75 miles northwest of London. The set also includes another Cameron neighbor, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, as well as her partner, the influential British PR guru Matthew Freud.
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