Videos of Killings Emerge after Syria's Internet Shutdown

Protesters document the violence during Friday's protests

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On Friday, Syrian protestors took to the streets in the name of the children -- including 13-year-old Hamza al-Khateeb -- who had been killed during the uprising. Many activists deemed this to be the largest demonstrations yet against President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Syrian authorities in turn responded by blocking access to the internet beginning Friday morning. While video all but disappeared from Syria, reports of deaths came all day. More than 30 protesters were killed in the city of Hamah, according to Rami Abdelrahman, a human rights monitor, reports the New York Times, although the number could not be confirmed.

The internet shutdown severely disrupted the flow of the YouTube videos and social media posts that have allowed protesters and others to keep track of demonstrations. But on Saturday, opponents began uploading video from the protests, showing soldiers chasing demonstrators and firing at them. Some showed the wounded lying in the street. One video of a protest in Deraa showed protesters burning Russian, Chinese, and Iranian flags, as Russia and China are holding back a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the violence in Syria, reports the Wall Street Journal. Iran is a key ally of Assad and is purported to be supporting his regime's crackdown on protesters.

In the following video, gunshots are fired into a crowd of marching protesters, scattering them in panic.

This (extremely graphic) video shows fire and chaos, and the victim of gunshot wounds lying on the street.

This video shows protesters fleeing from soldiers while shots are fired.

This brief video shows a glimpse of just how massive the protests were in parts of Syria.

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